Dear recruitment agent

Do you remember when I registered with you? That bright smiling day in your office when you admired my CV and promised that ongoing full-time warehouse work was just around the corner? As we completed the paperwork we were full of hopes about our future together. And later, after a single day's work which you assured me was only an interim measure, I even gave you my P45.

Yet now over a month has passed and still this ongoing work has not materialised. I phone and you say you'll call back soon with definite news, but I hear nothing. Then, when you finally do ring, it is to offer a one-off nightshift in a supermarket... And when I give my reasons for not accepting this you seem disappointed, as if I am the one at fault, and say that you'll "get someone else..."

How did it come to this? Was our relationship doomed from the start? Was I wrong to trust you? etc.

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