My book is out on 25th March, which is just as well as I can barely string a sentence together on here these days. It is a versatile text which can be used as a motivational performance-enhancing handbook, as light reading between job applications, or as fuel for a makeshift protest bonfire. The blurb is here. Many thanks to Angela at s0metim3s for the endorsement, and thanks also to those who have trailed the book on their much-more-widely-read blogs and Twitters.

The book is on sale through the usual virtual outlets. It will also be available, along with other Zero titles, in Brighton's lovely Cowley Club Bookshop, and possibly at other places too, to be confirmed. If you buy it, I hope you'll like it.


Lars said...

Absolutely stunning book - very lucid, calm and moving.

AlexB said...

The /Oxonian Review/ has just published a review of /Non-Stop Inertia/:

Hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant book. But i've lost it in the process of trying to make all my friends read it who are struggling along in the modern world of work.

The Gentle Radical said...

The book is incredible Ivor - not only was it learned and insightful, but it also had a lot of heart. A rare combination these days. I read it in one go yesterday and feeling really inspired to do my own writing now... David

Anonymous said...

I did buy it. And I did like it. I loved it, in fact, recommended it to others, and googled you to find this blog. Very very well done. More than anything: thanks. Thanks for writing it. Reading it helped a lot.