If only, rather than wasting my time thinking about work-power relations and questioning the discourse of 'jobseeking', I would apply "smart effort with impact" and display "positive and balanced intent", and above all if I cultivated a proper work ethic, I could now be making a living writing stuff like this:

(this and countless other righteous tracts discovered via the 'Employability Hub' @EmployHub - a "social learning community", apparently*)
The words would pour out of me, as if I were possessed by some inspiring inner voice. From my pulpit-blog I would preach the gospel of employability, giving new virtual form to the familiar motivational narrative: the sanctimonious opening anecdote... the history bit... the bit where I mention "the capitalist economic model" as if I stand outside of it... the vaguely threatening, Torchwood-like The 21st Century is when everything changes and you've got to be ready bit...
In contrast to the old-fashioned 20th Century workplace, the author tells us, "The 21st Century perspective favours values like..."
...fear, insecurity, competition, selfishness, 24/7 availability, emotional labour? No? Oh hang on...
"...independence, individuality, influencing without authority, insistence, initiative, innovation, risk, diversity and entrepreneurialism."
Ah, of course. Hallelujah.
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